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Webb deVlam Welcomes Candace Carson

The first thing Candace Carson heard upon starting the design program at CPS was the purpose of her program: to get a job. So then what happened? A little while later she landed a sweet gig at Webb deVlam. That’s what school’s all about. Nice work, Candace.

By heather : February 20, 2014

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CPS Student Lauren Rust featured on Packaging of the World

Sweet, simple, bold and beautiful work is never in short supply from the designers at CPS. Case-in-point, Lauren Rust’s work for Chicago brand The Spice House - featured this week on Packaging of the World.

And check out the rest of her portfolio at It’s full of all-around savory stuff.

Blog post by David Mattera

By heather : February 10, 2014

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ADS, The best thing about the big game besides the snacks


Which spots were your fave? I know none of you were actually watching the game.

By heather : February 03, 2014

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Polar Vortex Ain’t Got NOTHING On Our BOQ Winners

BOQ Winner

It’s cold here. Frigid. Arctic. Blustery.

But we are warm with pride at CPS - proud of the golden, toasty work made by our Best of Quarter winners:

Best Headline: Marlo Habeeb
Best Art Direction: Maricarmen Mercado
Best Design: Hannah Smith
Best Concept: Chris Warner and Molly Stapleton

Congratulations to this cozy bunch. As long as you keep on blanketing the world with your fleecy ideas, we’ll be just fine.

Check out our Facebook page to see all the winning work.

Writer: David Mattera
Photographer: Austin Dejonge

By heather : January 30, 2014

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The Tweet Smell of Success

That glossy copy of the 2002 Communication Arts might be inspiring, but unless you’re getting hourly updates of what’s happening in the ad world, you’re doing it wrong. Stop trying to get Kanye to retweet you and use Twitter to follow at least* these ad folks:

AdWeek @Adweek
Who: A website that aggregates news for advertising and media professionals.
Why Follow: They’ll keep you up to date on the biggest ads hitting the internet each day, which if nothing else will give you great cocktail party fodder.  #adgossip

4A’s @4As
Who: American Association of Advertising Agencies.
Why Follow: They’re on top of it when it comes to latest business news affecting the advertising world. Subscribe to the SmartBrief to get an email bulletin that is essentially ad news cliff notes. #informed

Communication Arts @CommArts
Who: The inspiration for any advertisers and designers located on Earth.
Why Follow: Not only will you stay in the loop about the ad world, they’re always posting advertising and design contests.  A big win would look nice and shiny next to your killer portfolio. #trophies

The Agencies You Love @agencyhandle
Who: DDB, DraftFCB, Ogilvy, Crispin, etc.
Why Follow: It’s not like you’ll be hired just for clicking “follow” on a company’s twitter, but you’ll be more aware of what is happening at the agency. Since they can show more of their personality on Twitter, you’ll also get a vibe for whether or not you would be a good fit. #juniorcreative

Chicago Portfolio School @PortfolioSchool
Who: That place that cashes your tuition checks every quarter.
Why Follow:  They are the only people besides your mom who actually care if you’re employed at the end of this, so look for the job postings and any alums interacting with CPS. #schoolspirit

YourAdSchoolFriends @catchy handle they thought of to impress recruiters
Who: Classmates and/or drinking buddies.
Why Follow: They’re hilarious and creative, and one day they may be an ECD at a top agency. When they tweet about an opening at their company, maybe they’ll remember all the sandwiches you shared at Cheesie’s and therefore hook you up with a job. #besties

*Disclaimer: Word count is precious so in no way is this list done. Cruise Twitter and be sure to follow as many agencies, advertising sources and even comedians as possible!

Rose Schuchat | Copywriter | Chicago Portfolio School

By heather : January 27, 2014

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Branding and advertising is much more like lobbying than selling door-to-door. In my experience as a lobbyist and a legislative staffer, I’ve seen so many parallels between what I did and what I do now. The basic tenets of both are:

Be trusted.
Lobbyists bring legislators out to play golf, or have cigars, or to exotic locations to prove that whatever industry they represent isn’t dumping toxic waste into the ocean. This is brand experience. It’s a way to put into a consumer’s head that a brand gets them and they can connect about something they’ve shared together.

Explain things clearly.
Getting elected doesn’t make you smart. Lobbyists’ job is to dumb-down complex legalese. A confusing explanation is a guaranteed no vote. This is concept. If it’s solid and clear, the ads can be precise and don’t need explanation.

Hold their attention.
Legislators are busy. They have to know how they will vote on thousands of bills in a very short amount of time. This is the value of creative. People see a bajillion ads a day so yours has to be interesting and tell them why it’s good and what to do next before they are done listening.

Talk to the right people.
It won’t do much good to start lobbying for a bill that makes prostitution legal by talking to born-again Christian legislators. Lobbyists have to build their vote count from the base up to more difficult targets. In ads, this is the strategy. As we hear all the time, “Sell to the fanatics.” The rest will follow.

Prove you’re right.
If a legislator to votes for a lobbyist’s bill and gets flack for her vote from her constituents, the lobbyist isn’t going to win her vote in the future. This is product truth. If it tastes like garbage, and you told them it would taste good, they won’t ever trust your brand again.

David C Mattera
Chicago Portfolio Copywriting Student

By heather : January 23, 2014

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MORE talented CPS students take up space on Modern Copywriter

If there is anything that we like more than praise, its praise on the internet. (So everyone can see it) And in the past week, CPS grads have seen it smattered all over blog of the keeper of copywriting hopefuls; Modern Copywriter. 
So stop what you’re doing and check out Prashant Nashi, Sarah Kennedy, Audrey Hansen, Garrett Vernon’s bomb write-ups and portfolios.

By Molly : January 20, 2014

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CPS’ Newest, Coolest Grads featured on Modern Copywriter

Well look at that. All our fresh, new, peach-faced CPS copywriters taking up internet-space on the modern copywriter blog. We couldn’t think of a more perfect write up for our former 5th quarters, and forever-talented writers. Check out their mind-blowing portfolios here.

By Molly : January 17, 2014

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Solve, sell, and submit to Young Glory

Looking for a brief that challenges the status quo rather than selling beef jerky or WD-40? Check out Young Glory. Each month, top Creative Directors from agencies around the world submit both an Advertising and Design prompt. The results are pretty bomb, and can add a bit of variety to your book.

By Molly : January 08, 2014

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Hold on to your beards and chainsaws, Summer 2013 Best of Quarter winners have been announced

Well look at that. Another brilliant turnout from our current CPS
advertising hopefuls. The balmy Chicago heat sure did sweat out some
good creative. So grab a towel and check out the winners:

Best Headline: Matt Turnier

Best Art Direction: Miles Jappa

Best Design: Amber Sipich

Best Concept: Greg Mathes, Ilze Lazdins and Mike Bobrinskoy

By Molly : October 28, 2013

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