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What’s in my Office Thursday: David Thimmesch

What’s in my Office Thursday: Meet CPS Alum David Thimmesch, Copywriter at BVK in Milwaukee.

Check out his advice:

“You get out what you put in. It’s cliché, but absolutely true. If all you do is show up to class, get feedback, make a few changes and come back the following week…you WILL NOT have a portfolio at the end of the year. You need to work nights, work weekends, talk to instructors after class, meet up at coffee shops and work like it’s a full-time job (because it should be).”

“Always give the instructors more than what they asked for. Because the more you show, the easier it’ll be to find that killer idea. Don’t be afraid to pursue a concept you’re passionate about, but at the same time, don’t be stubborn and hold onto bad ideas that have been killed for good reasons. It’s a tough balance, but remember, your instructors are there to help. Trust them.”

Check out his talented portfolio here:

By heather : March 10, 2016

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What’s in my Office Thursday: Erika Kent

What’s in my Office Thursday: Meet CPS alum Erika Kent, Art Director at Marc USA on the Payless Shoe Source account.

Check out her advice:

“The best advice I can give is to not get discouraged. It’s really easy to get beat down by this industry because everyone wants to tell you no. It might take you awhile to get a job and thats fine. And when you get that job the client might not buy your brilliant Cannes-worthy idea. And when they do buy it they might change it so much that it becomes a shadow of itself. The people with the staying power are ones who don’t take those things personally- because its not personal- its advertising! So keep at it and you can make some great things!”

Take a look at her talented book:

By heather : March 03, 2016

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