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Our school's a little different. But, so are you, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Try on a few eyeballs and check out Chicago Portfolio School.

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An Average Day as a Chicago Portfolio School Student

Plan to get to school at noon, but actually show up at 1:30
Okay 2:00
Rescue a stranger struggling with the front door keypad
Ride the elevator with a delivery man and a student whose name you can’t remember
Fill up your water bottle
Walk into each room, making awkward eye contact with everyone until you find your partner
Talk about baby food for two hours
Say every dumb things that comes to mind, praying it will spark an idea
End the meeting when you feel like you could kill a baby right about now
Use the everyone bathroom even though there’s a men’s room
Stare at your reflection, and tell yourself it’ll all work out
Walk out to a girl glaring at you
Fill up your water bottle again
Try to do work in the computer room but it’s really hot in there for some reason
Try to do work in the computer room but the mouse is drunk
Try to do work in the computer room but two 2nd quarters are flirting so hard
Accidentally print double sided
Open every paper drawer in an attempt to unjam the printer
Stare at your notebook for 20 minutes not writing anything
Place bets on which students will order Jimmy Johns for dinner and which will go to Subway
Eat room temperature couscous you brought from home
Get to class early and sit at the end of the table so you can get out to the bathroom later
Get to class late and hold it for two hours
Stand up as fast as possible so you can present first
Shatter a pushpin trying to pin up your work
Attempt to sound coherent
Wait for the instructor to declare if you have any worth as a creative or if this has all been a mistake and you should drop out immediately
Say, “Okay, yeah, I can see that” in response to terrible feedback from a classmate
Sit down and try to make sense of your notes
Give the next presenter most of your attention
Feel like you should say something even though you can’t think of anything
Say something dumb
Don’t talk for the rest of class
Ride the elevator down with all of your classmates and maybe your teacher depending on how much he/she likes you guys
Bike/train/bus home while you try to process the day’s events
Tell yourself you’re going to do work when you get home
Watch 2 Broke Girls instead
Go to bed hoping that an amazing baby food concept comes to you in your sleep
Instead dream that your hair grows so long that you develop pinkeye
Wake up
Do it all again

Written by: Miles Johnson, 4th Quarter CW

By heather : March 29, 2017

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