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With the 2016 Presidential Election being the current “Hot Topic”, my television has been flooded with images of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Anderson Cooper and more than anyone else, Donald Trump.  While I am sure the last thing any Portfolio student wants to read is an entry on Donald Trump’s right-winged positions and campaign promises, there is a piece of his past that resonates with us all.  That piece being…The Apprentice. 

Anyone that watched The Apprentice or it’s outrageously star-studded spin-off, The Celebrity Apprentice, knows that each episode consisted of Trump assigning both teams a marketing task and the responsibility to choose a project manager.  These tasks ranged anywhere from promoting one of Trump’s luxurious Golf Courses to writing a radio advertisement for Chicken of the Sea (tuna). 

Looking back on it, each episode was essentially an assignment from an Integrated Campaign’s instructor at CPS.  Much like the Project Manager’s role, it is our responsibility to either individually or collaboratively come up with a concept, prepare executions and present these to our class (mock client).  While LaToya Jackson and Gary Busey are neither Copywriters nor Art Directors, it was exciting each week to watch them assume those roles and bring that concept to life.  It is interesting to now go back and watch the strategizing and boardrooms to see how people fight for what they creatively believe in.  Equally as interesting, is the way in which these teams came up with their concepts and executed them.  There is much to be said for sitting together as a team and talking ideas out loud as opposed to individually behind a computer screen.

Inevitably, like so many contestants on the show, we will all be fired…. I mean, hired.  We will all be hired. 

Written by CPS blogger & 3rd Quarter CW, Sean Kunz

By heather : June 13, 2016

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