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Part-Time Work for Creative Students

After three quarters of Portfolio school and countless family parties, I am so sick of hearing the question, “So, what do you do for a living?”.  I am a student.  I live to go to class and work on campaigns.  I believe the more appropriate question would be, “What do you do to survive?”.  With class 4-days a week and never enough time to sit down and write to completion, where does one find the time to make the money?  After speaking to a bunch of Portfolio students I have compiled a short list of some of the most popular employment options and their perks/negatives. 

Full Time Day Job :
This option is ideal in the sense that you will be making a good deal of money that can cover the costs of rent/food and paying off that school loan.  If finding a full-time job in an industry that you liked was easy, it’s likely that you wouldn’t be back in school.  So keep that in mind when choosing how you will survive.  Also, most 9-5 jobs will not be keen on the idea of taking your laptop out during the day to work on homework and other assignments for class.  As a result, it may be difficult to commit fully to team projects.

Part-Time Retail:
This is what I do.  This is hell.  Just kidding.  It’s rather manageable and generally flexible, if you are willing to work early mornings and/or weekends.  Additionally, with the hours you have to dedicate towards an outside job, no single retail job will realistically cover anything more than food costs and a monthly crazy night-out.  While there is not much downtime to take out my notebook and start writing, it has been interesting to look at advertising in terms of the store I work and the customers that shop there.  It’s been helpful to see what catches their eye and what is most important to them when it comes to buying certain products.

Part-Time Babysitting:
All around, this seems to have been the most student-friendly option.  Finding a family that needs someone on the weekdays is totally possible and is perfect for one reason and one reason only… kids nap!  When the kids take a snooze, take that laptop out and get to writing!  Furthermore, you set your own rate.  Careful to choose a family with well-behaved children or else this could easily turn into a nightmare. 
P.S. Some families are comfortable opening their refrigerators to you as well.

Part-Time Bartending:
Great money.  Horrible hours.  I have had several friends go through graduate school and portfolio school as a bartender and their hours have been rough!  Working into the early hours of the morning only to wake up, head to school and start the process all over.  As stated earlier, the potential for money is great and in many ways, you can still feel like you have a social life!  Just be sure to head to bartending school first (Need a job to pay for that?  Read above.)

Only Child:
Screw you. 

Written by: Sean Kunz, 3rd Quarter CW & CPS Blogger

By heather : June 08, 2016

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