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Last week, it was brought to my attention that Netflix is currently streaming a documentary on the topic of Advertising.  The film, “Art & Copy”, directed by Doug Pray, follows the careers of some of the most influential advertisers of our time including: Dan Wieden, Hal Riney, George Lois, just to name a few.  While the film is very eye-opening and reveals the inner workings of the industry, I thought the most compelling talking point was why folks choose to get into this industry and who it attracts.  As someone that has a degree in Neuroscience and Spanish, I began to question, why did I make the switch?  Are there others like me drowning in the world of healthcare and/or translation services that haven’t had their epiphany yet?

So I decided to take a few personality/career based tests online to figure out which other careers may have people fit for a future in advertising.  Here is what I found after taking three online tests*  (*free version).  If you know anyone in these fields, give them a call and tell them they are ruining their lives!

Reporters and Correspondents
How about “reporting” on some new products that the general public doesn’t know they need?
Interpreters and Translators
Learn to speak to the entire population in a headline featuring 12 words or less!
Ditch your “cause” and let’s make an agency a little richer, shall we?
Poets, Lyricists and Song-Writers
There is nothing as poetic as a rhyming couplet as a headline…right?  Just beautiful.
Search Marketing Strategists
In the words of Jeff Epstein, “we are in the business of marketing”. 
Economics Teachers
It’s all about the money babyyyyyyyyyy! $$$$$$$$$$$$
I just added this to make me feel better smile

In all seriousness, I took three tests and there were over 50 different careers that matched with my “creative” personality.  I think the documentary puts it best when it describes the task of a creative advertiser: “We put something out there and see what people are going to make of it.  We make an atmosphere that gets a reaction out of somebody.”  If this line excites you, you’re in the right place.  If not, I know a great school with a program in Neuroscience. 

Written by: Sean Kunz, 4th Quarter Copywriter & CPS Blogger

By heather : June 30, 2016

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