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As a college student, I chose to study Neuroscience.  This was a field that required intense reading, writing and time in the lab conducting research.  In terms of a schedule and staying organized, there was absolutely no time for procrastination.  Pushing things off to the last minute was a slippery slope and almost always ended in a poor grade or being dropped from a project. 

Now that I have changed career paths entirely, I am starting to look at procrastinating in a different light.  By no means do I aim to push everything off to the last minute, but there is a certain rush that comes to a creative personality when they are under a severe time constraint.  When I am down to the wire and stressed to produce something in a timely manner, I let go of the filter in my head telling me that something is “stupid” or “irrelevant”.  In doing so, many more ideas flood the page and I tend to lose myself in the writing. 

The trick for me is starting an assignment on Thursday/Friday that is due Monday, but fooling myself to believe that it is due at the end of that night.  No need to change the clocks and calendars in your apartment, but just get yourself in the mindset and see what ideas come to mind!

Written by: 3rd Quarter CW and CPS Blogger, Sean Kunz

By heather : June 10, 2016

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