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The Dinner Dilemma

Four nights a week, I encounter the same problem. With classes scheduled from 6pm to 9pm, the struggle to find the perfect time to eat dinner is real. After four months of careful study, I’ve observed these specific ways to deal what I call “the Dinner Dilemma.”

The Night Owl: Wait it out and eat dinner once you get home. Though this is fairly common practice, the issues here are numerous. First of all, stomach rumbles can be a lot louder than you think they’ll be. Also, hanger is not great for class participation. Finally, with trains and buses and traffic, getting home usually takes longer than you think it will. By the time you get there, dinner becomes a jar of peanut butter and a spoon, cause anything else would take too long.

The Early Bird Special: Order delivery (or pick something up) and eat it around 5:30. Just like your grandma does. A solid option, but the issue here is finding the right balance. A light meal could leave you hungry halfway through class. But eat too much food and you’ll struggle to stay awake. And people don’t forget who yawned while they were presenting.

The Snack Pack: Stuff your bag with snacks, just like a kindergartener. If you continuously eat all day, you just might trick your body into forgetting its hungry for those three hours. The drawback here is preparation. You need to pack the snacks the night before and who has time for that? Also, it requires a lot of tupperware to snack like a kindergartener.

The Answer: Eat a Clif Bar right before class. I recommend the peanut butter flavor, but to each their own. This will get you through the next three hours without hunger pains distracting you. Then, eat a real meal when you get home. To quote Michael Scott, “Win, win, win.” You win because you’re not hungry, your classmates win because you’re not hungry, and I win cause Clif Bar is paying me to write this. Win, win, win.

Written by: CPS Blogger & 2nd Quarter CW - Amy Finn-Welch

By heather : August 17, 2016

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