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The Importance of Having a Book

For a while, I’ve wanted to write a blog post about my one of my best friends that currently works at a smaller, boutique agency on the north side.  Hearing his insight into how he got to where he is has widened my eyes into the lifestyle of a smaller shop and the advantage having a portfolio really gives you when trying to break into this industry. 

As an improviser/comedian around the city, my friend was eager to find himself a career where being creative and expressing a sense of humor could be a day-to-day activity.  Copywriting seemed like an avenue he wanted to explore and he applied to a smaller agency that had a wide array of clients, from healthcare to direct mail and everywhere inbetween.

While his degree was very impressive and his history in comedy showed off his skills in creativity, the agency was not comfortable directly hiring someone that had no physical pieces of work.  Fortunately, he was brought on as a Digital Coordinator and set his sights on working his way up to a copywriting position.  For the next 5-6 months, he was involved with website design, digital marketing strategy and a bit of content writing here and there when the opportunity presented itself.  Eventually, after 8 months of trying on various hats, he was offered a copywriting position based on the reputation and work he had created thus far. 

In having talked about the Chicago Portfolio School with him further, he agrees that the entire process could have been greatly expedited had he come in ‘Day One’ with a solid book of work to prove his abilities.  **Update** I have seen the open windows on his browser and CPS is one of those windows.  WE MAY HAVE A NEW STUDENT, FOLKS!!!

Written by: 4th Quarter CW & CPS Blogger, Sean Kunz

By heather : June 22, 2016

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