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Wha should you do with yourself over break?

With three weeks off between the summer quarter, you might be wondering…what am I supposed to DO with myself? Well, first things first:

Take a Break
After eleven straight weeks of obsessing over school work, you’re burned out. But since you only have one year, it’s hard to justify taking time off. Enter - the break between quarters. If you feel like you’d rather jump off a bridge than spend one more minute with that idea, it’s time to take a step back. For your sanity, take a day (or two) off from headlines, layouts, and concepts. Then…

Get to Work
Cause you can’t let that break last too long. School IS only one year, after all. Start by easing into some work that isn’t school-related. And even better, the kind of work that PAYS. If you have a part-time job, up your hours. If you’re funemployed, do some babysitting, cat sitting, dog sitting - basically anything that pays you to sit is awesome. Earning some cash will come in handy later on and doing mindless work might just lead to creative work. Before you know it, you will WANT to…

Work on your Book
If you’ve just finished your first quarter, go through old work and see what you like. Try to make it better. If you’re a copywriter, find an art director to talk to. If you’re an art director, talk to a copywriter. If you’re further along, improve your existing campaigns. Work on your website. Work on your side project. In the immortal words of Rihanna, “work work work work work.” Then it’s time to…

(You sensing a theme yet?) Email, connect on linkedin, follow on twitter, you know what to do. With all this free time, you can even meet up in person! Coffee dates, lunch dates, after work drinks - use that cash you earned to treat a creative and then pick their brain. Some people (who shall remain nameless) have even been known to use dating apps for networking purposes…not that we’re recommending that but hey, if there isn’t a spark, you might as well get something out of it. Then, if there’s any time left over…

Get Outside
It’s summer in Chicago people! Winter will be here before you know it so use your limited free time to enjoy summer while it lasts. If you need recommendations - google it. I’m a terrible tour guide.

Written by: CPS Blogger & 2nd Quarter Copywriter

By heather : June 29, 2016

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