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What’s In My Office Thursday

Meet CPS alum Andrea Langley, Designer at SapientNitro. Check out her great advice below.

You have to be persistent with pushing yourself. Always keep doing a lot of good work. Continue polishing your craft. And make certain you’re confident in your concepts. We’re all going to face some kind of rejection whether that’s not landing the job you wanted or getting a portfolio critique so bad you left crying (whoops, was that just me?). We put our hearts and minds into creating the work we do so the best thing to do when faced with those moments is to just keep pushing. If you don’t get that first gig guess what, there are a hundred of other just as awesome agencies out there. If you get a bad critique guess what, that’s great because now you can improve it before sending it out into the world. Portfolio school is the place to begin shining, but it’s also the place where you can make mistakes and learn from them.

But beyond being persistent with yourself, you also need to be persistent with getting your foot in the door. Stay in touch with your instructors and mentors, believe it or not they are usually more than willing to help give you a push in the right direction. Enter competitions near and far. Even if you don’t win you’re still feeding your drive to create. Freelance. It gives the chance to try a place out before fully committing. Don’t just apply for endless jobs, try also sending personal notes to the creative directors you really want to get your book in front of. Because if you don’t, know one will ever know how kick ass you are.

By heather : June 19, 2014

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