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What’s in my Office Thursday: Chris Warner

What’s in my Office Thursday: Meet CPS alum Chris Warner, Junior Art Director at FCB.

Check out his advice below:

STOP WHINING. In agencies, people move at 200mph. I mean that literally. I’ve seen a Creative Director walk faster than a Ferrari. So suck it up and Photoshop that panda eating peanut butter due next week. Deadlines move much quicker in the real world.

SHOW UP. Trust me, just being in the room will do wonders.

THINK BIG. Stop doing the same thing you did last quarter. The app that organizes your sock drawer isn’t as unique as you think.

BE NICE TO EVERYONE. And I mean everyone. Even Betty from Iowa who smells like pee pee and insists her lizard has ESP. Because one day, Betty’s lizard might offer you a job. And that lizard knows what you think of her.

YOUR BOOK IS NEVER DONE. Don’t wait. Take pictures of doodles you drew of sandwiches and start uploading them to Squarespace now. You’re 90% there. The longer you wait to show people your “perfect” sandwich campaign, the longer you have to hear your Mom call you an “adult kindergartener.”

MAKE IT SMART. Poop jokes are easy. Jokes about the American sewage system are not.

YOUR GUT IS RIGHT. Everyone’s got an opinion. As you get more confident, take advice with heaping grain of Mediterranean sea salt. The stuff you like, the fun stuff, is the most important work you own. Fight for it. (Except when everyone has the same comment. In which case, take a hot shower and think about your decisions, Mayor Ego. The city ain’t that big.)

BREATHE. When the going gets tough—and it will—go for a long walk. Look at the stars. Or if it’s cloudy, listen to a Carl Sagan narrated audio book. And just remember, in the end, it’s only advertising ya dum dum.

Take a look at his talented portfolio:

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