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What’s in my Office Thursday: Erin Meulbroek and Joe Nemec

What’s in my Office Thursday: Meet recent CPS alums Erin Meulbroek (Copywriting Intern @ DDB) and Joe Nemec (Art Direction Intern @ DDB). The pair who finished in the same quarter together now gets to produce awesome work together!

Check out their advice below:

“Take ownership of the entire project. Don’t assume any aspect of it is ‘not your problem’. I help Joe find mood images for print assignments; he helps me write scripts for TV assignments. You’re a team, work like one.” – Erin

“Live a creative life outside your job. Go on adventures or take on a new hobby that inspires you. You never know when and where a great idea may strike.” – Joe

“Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with your classmates. When you’re working on the same assignment as someone, it’s natural to be a little competitive and hoard your ideas. But chances are they’ve taken it in a completely different direction and have a fresh idea to add to your concept.” – Erin

“Always stay curious and look at things from multiple perspectives. Innovative advertising is about taking risks and leaving behind your familiar path. You’ll be surprised at the amount of different insights you’ll acquire.” – Joe

Take a look at their sweet work here:

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