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Our school's a little different. But, so are you, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Try on a few eyeballs and check out Chicago Portfolio School.

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Where to Do Your Schoolwork

Where to Do Your Schoolwork

Pro: Private bathroom
Con: Endless distractions

What should be the easiest place to get work done can be the cruelest.  You have your own bathroom and poster of Zac Efron, what can go wrong? Your willpower, that’s what. Fix your lack of self control by downloading the SelfControl application and blocking all your favorite websites.  You’re welcome.

On the Go
Pro: What else are you going to do
Con: No writing surfaces

Some of your best ideas are born when you’re stepping onto the El or tumbling out of an Uber. But beware! If you don’t jot down that groundbreaking female empowerment headline you could forget it once you’ve arrived at school. And then how are you going to sell CrossFit to women??

Pro: A creative buzz in the air
Con: Lots of creatives to talk to

School is where the magic happens. It’s also where people talking to you happens.  Stay focused by gluing on some headphones or quarantining yourself in Digital Bootcamp.  Also, don’t be afraid to shame loud people into silence. You know what’s not funny? A copywriter who can’t concentrate.

Pros: Endless quiet
Con: Bad Hours

Free of noise, friends, and fun, libraries seem, at first, to be perfect. But all that free comes at a price: horrible hours. Use the 5pm closing time as motivation to work faster, and marvel at what you can accomplish when you’re actually working.  If that’s still not enough time, take it up with the mayor.

Coffee Shops
Pro: Close to home
Con: They want you to buy stuff

Near home and oh so hip, coffee shops are the perfect place to show the world you’re a wannabe creative. Headphones are the key to success here, but so is money. Jump this hurdle by purchasing a plain drip coffee and taking one sip every half hour for six hours. If you’re feeling guilty, just remind yourself how poor you are.

Written by: Miles Johnson, 5th Quarter Copywriter

By heather : June 20, 2017

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