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MORE talented CPS students take up space on Modern Copywriter

If there is anything that we like more than praise, its praise on the internet. (So everyone can see it) And in the past week, CPS grads have seen it smattered all over blog of the keeper of copywriting hopefuls; Modern Copywriter. 
So stop what you’re doing and check out Prashant Nashi, Sarah Kennedy, Audrey Hansen, Garrett Vernon’s bomb write-ups and portfolios.

By Molly : January 20, 2014

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Solve, sell, and submit to Young Glory

Looking for a brief that challenges the status quo rather than selling beef jerky or WD-40? Check out Young Glory. Each month, top Creative Directors from agencies around the world submit both an Advertising and Design prompt. The results are pretty bomb, and can add a bit of variety to your book.

By Molly : January 08, 2014

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One Show Submission Dates Announced

Get those brains and books in gear. The One Show Interactive has released the submission dates for the 2014 awards. They’re coming up soon, so you better get cooking if you want to get your mitts on one of those mighty golden pencils.

Q2 - September 30th
Q3 - November 30th
Q4 - January 31st

Have at it creatives!

By Molly : September 18, 2013

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CPS Students featured on Packaging of the World!

Pasta, hairspray and bathroom cleaner never looked so buy-able. Especially when CPS design students Candance Carson, Sloane Michel and Meredith Lusher Fleece are tasked to put a little more presence into the packaging. Checkout their designs, and portfolios featured on Packaging of the World below.

Candace Carson -  Davinci Pasta

Sloane Michel -  Roadies Hair Care Products

Meredith Lusher Fleece -  Formula 409

By Molly : August 20, 2013

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4Q Students Are Accomplished and Attractive

Best of Break (BOB) - the quarterly contest organized by Copywriter Adam Repp and Art Director Brittany Rubin - picked up (even more) steam its second time around. BOB II’s results were decided by a larger judging panel and the winners were announced at an even bigger bacchanal.

I’d say that BOB - and our Quarter itself - is getting better in every way, but I’m almost frighteningly biased. All BOB II entries can be scanned here.

Winners & organizers, pictured L-T-R:
Best Concept, Sam Bordignon; Brains Behind BOB, Brittany Rubin; Brains Behind BOB, Adam Repp; Best Art Direction, Ben Ong; Best Copy/Scribe-With-A-Vibe, Lyndsey Tonyan and Sarah Kennedy (not pictured); Best Design, Sloane Michel.

By Audrey : May 27, 2013

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The Best Of A Most Confounding Quarter

Winter Quarter 2013 will go down in CPS history as the Q when an Art Director won Best Headline and a Copywriter Best Art Direction. But no matter. Great showing, everyone.





By Audrey : April 30, 2013

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CPS Visited By White House Honoree

(I didn’t know that the White House gave an award for Design, either).

Lovers of expressive type came out a few weeks ago to hear Rick Valicenti talk Design. Rick’s the founder of Thirst/3st, a Design Communications firm in River North. While his company primarily does B2B work, his high-profile stuff is very high-profile (see: the new international terminal at O’Hare and your odd NY Times illustration). Unlike many other recent speakers, Rick’s been in the communications world for several decades. There was no nagging feeling of competition in the audience; we just sat back and marveled at a guy who’s more accomplished than we’ll be for about 30 years. Good stuff.

(By the way, the award is called the “Smithsonian Cooper-­Hewitt, National Design Award for Communication Design” and Rick received it in 2011. His and 3st’s work is also featured in the permanent collection of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and the 2006 Triennial, Design Life Now; the Art Institute of Chicago; and the Library of the Museum of Modern Art. Get back to work).

By Audrey : April 01, 2013

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Multitalented Alum Recognized For Design (& His Beer’s Good Too)

We’ve been big fans of Design alum Kota Kobayashi’s work for a while, and now he’s getting national recognition - Kota’s design for his beer, Ippon Matsu, just won Best of Show in the Under Consideration Brand New awards!

Kota is a dedicated home brewer in addition to being a gifted Designer, and he puts both skills to use with Ippon Matsu, which he launched in response to the 2011 Japanese tsunami. The design for the beer - whose name means “One Pine Tree” - was inspired by a single tree that remained standing after the tsunami destroyed a famous forest in Rikuzentakata, Japan; all proceeds from the beer’s sale go towards reconstruction efforts in that city.

Congratulations, Kota!

By Audrey : March 27, 2013

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Make Art, Make Friends, Make Fun

CPS was recently visited by Quite Strong, an all-female art and design collective. They shared their thoughts on after-hours creative projects (pro), artistic allies (pro, obviously) and making work that engages with social issues (pro). The ladies also presented a slideshow on what’s really important - remembering that our industry and our work is supposed to be fun and, if it isn’t, we have no excuse not to make it fun; we’re creatives!

In closing, they offered my favorite bit of Guest Speaker advice so far: “Don’t settle, it’s okay to hate everything.”

By Audrey : March 01, 2013

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Prolific Winner Keeps Winning

Gabby Nguyen - she of the varied body of design work and the two consecutive Best of Quarter wins - has cleaned up once again!

Gabby’s poster design has won the Society of Typographic Arts’ ‘Student Scholarship 12’ competition. Check out the winning work at the contest site, congratulate her and eye her enviously in the elevator.

By Audrey : February 26, 2013

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