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MORE talented CPS students take up space on Modern Copywriter

If there is anything that we like more than praise, its praise on the internet. (So everyone can see it) And in the past week, CPS grads have seen it smattered all over blog of the keeper of copywriting hopefuls; Modern Copywriter. 
So stop what you’re doing and check out Prashant Nashi, Sarah Kennedy, Audrey Hansen, Garrett Vernon’s bomb write-ups and portfolios.

By Molly : January 20, 2014

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CPS recently hosted Portolio Debut, an event showcasing the work of CPS’ most distinguished new grads. Don’t let these fresh faces fool you - all featured students have done serious time in the ad school salt mines. Remember these names:

Leighanne Steckbeck - Copywriter
Hannah Tushman - Art Director
Lauren Fodero - Copywriter
Chelsea Berger - Copywriter
Brittany Hughes - Copywriter
Kelsey Alfredson - Copywriter
Jules Robson - Art Director
Kathryn Carpenter - Art Director
Erika Kent - Art Director
Carolyn Reilley - Art Director
Julia Weeman - Copywriter
John Olson - Copywriter
Conor Clarke - Art Director
Jennifer Smith - Copywriter
Michelle Grano - Copywriter
Jackie Suerth - Copywriter
Hassan S. Ali - Copywriter
Garrett Vernon - Copywriter
Kat Ponting - Copywriter
Pat Whalen - Copywriter
Maegin Cooper - Art Director
Amy Bauer - Copywriter
Kris Kish - Art Director
Bryan Haupt - Art Director
David Drake - Copywriter

By Audrey : June 01, 2013

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CPS Grad You Should Know: Jordyn Nevers

Jordyn’s an Art Director with a wild and woolly eye. She’s got Illustrated beasts for National Geographic, a photoshoot involving Hazmat suits on public transport and the first campaign since the 1950’s to make you associate washing machines with space travel (so futuristic!). Bonus points: she’s been a movie extra (“Public Enemies”, 2009), is a Foursquare champ and is one of CPS’ best sardonic wits.

So you see, she’s exactly the kind of asset that your organization needs. Contact her here.

By Audrey : May 27, 2013

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4Q Students Are Accomplished and Attractive

Best of Break (BOB) - the quarterly contest organized by Copywriter Adam Repp and Art Director Brittany Rubin - picked up (even more) steam its second time around. BOB II’s results were decided by a larger judging panel and the winners were announced at an even bigger bacchanal.

I’d say that BOB - and our Quarter itself - is getting better in every way, but I’m almost frighteningly biased. All BOB II entries can be scanned here.

Winners & organizers, pictured L-T-R:
Best Concept, Sam Bordignon; Brains Behind BOB, Brittany Rubin; Brains Behind BOB, Adam Repp; Best Art Direction, Ben Ong; Best Copy/Scribe-With-A-Vibe, Lyndsey Tonyan and Sarah Kennedy (not pictured); Best Design, Sloane Michel.

By Audrey : May 27, 2013

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Advertising Could Use A Guy Like Alf Zapata

This spring, Kmart invited us to ship our pants. Then, new CPS Copywriting grad Alf Zapata did Kmart’s agency, DraftFCB, one better and shipped them his own pants (and his portfolio). Impressed by his book/chutzpah, DraftFCB offered Alf an internship. And then, the Internet took notice - click here for a stage-by-stage pants-shipping re-enactment.

Alf, you’re a star!

By Audrey : May 27, 2013

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We’ll Be Here All Week

It’s spring, which means it’s time for Modern Copywriter‘s semi-annual CPS Week! It may happen every May (or so), but it’s still exciting. The Spring ‘13 edition is kicked off by a profile of the funny and fiendish Amy Bauer (she dismembered that Barbie). Check back each day to see if your friends made the site!

By Audrey : May 07, 2013

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The Best Of A Most Confounding Quarter

Winter Quarter 2013 will go down in CPS history as the Q when an Art Director won Best Headline and a Copywriter Best Art Direction. But no matter. Great showing, everyone.





By Audrey : April 30, 2013

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In A World Where…

...Companies are driven by the pursuit of “likes”, how do they create real, lasting consumer interest and even - wait for it - love?

According to guest speaker Greg Jones, you do something memorable that can’t help but catch people’s eyes. To hear him tell it, it’s a bit like getting the attention of the person that you fancy*. Greg’s the CEO of Suite Partners, an experiential firm in River North that’s proven itself adept at eye-catching. For Kenmore, a brand whose public profile was flagging, Suite Partners organized a Kenmore Live Lab complete with fashion shows and live music that encouraged audience collaboration (an event whose Facebook view rate was dramatically higher than anything in Facebook’s top 100 brands, according to Comscore). For Nike, Suite Partners turned the Lincoln Park Field House (pictured above) into a “Fuel House” for a 20-team “Day of Greatness” athletic competition that drove national interest in the brand.

Unlike many traditional agencies, Suite Partners employs people with a variety of backgrounds - post-production, sound engineering and more. Read more about Greg’s shop here.

*Use of “fancy” is in honor of Greg’s South African heritage

By Audrey : April 30, 2013

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CPS Grad You Should Know: John O’Toole

John’s a Copywriter who’s locally known for his verbal inventiveness and joviality. The goal is to make him more-than-locally known. Here’s why you should help:

1. The above work. John’s “Wite Out The Wrong” campaign won both popular and critical acclaim.

2. The critical acclaim. John won “Best Concept” in the Fall 2012 Best of Quarter competition for his Ace campaign. His John Deere campaign took “Best Art Direction” in Spring 2013 Best of Break.

3. Speaking of Art Direction…John works well with Art Directors, but he doesn’t need them. He ADs some of his own pieces!

4. By this point, you’ve been swayed. The ball’s in your court. Contact him here.

By Audrey : April 23, 2013

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Brutal? We’re Just Prepping You For A Career In Advertising

Portfolio Debut is on May 22nd, and it’s going to feel a little something like this:

Are you man enough?

By Audrey : April 23, 2013

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