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Guest Speaker | Valerie Carlson

As Vice President Creative, Valerie leads teams across the disciplines of experience, design and content in the Central Region, including work in the areas of creative strategy, visual-system design, online advertising and marketing programs, social marketing, gaming, applications and interface development.

Drawing on a background in teaching, traditional graphic design and illustration, Valerie collaborates with Razorfish clients to design and create powerful brand relationships through unique experiences that are delivered via strong digital programs. She is passionate about creating innovative business solutions, by applying ownable insights discovered through a combination of primary and secondary research methods.

For the past 12 years at Razorfish, Valerie has driven successful experience-design solutions for a range of Fortune 500 companies and industry-leaders, her primary focus over the past few years has been leading and growing the mobile marketing business across Razorfish central. She is also directing a new national apprenticeship program for the creative and experience disciplines.


August 17, 2012


2nd Floor Annex


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