The Chicago Portfolio School


Our school's a little different. But, so are you, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Try on a few eyeballs and check out Chicago Portfolio School.

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Sure, we're a Portfolio School. But, really we're an Idea School. We believe that Concept is King and Content is King too.


Everyone takes this class

Work with industry geniuses to make your stuff better, tighter and more awe inspiring. You'll also learn the chops you'll need to make it in this business.

User Interface

Art director and designer types

Learn UI terminology and the process around designing a mobile app. Working in Photoshop, discovering Balsamiq, and using InVision, you will be able to create a working prototype. There is a heavy emphasis on design and using relative content in order to produce meaningful work.

Type Fundamentals

All designers

Nothing elevates a portfolio like great use of type. The ability to choose the best typeface, wrap text like a ninja and pair fonts is what separates the wanna’s from the be’s.


Design types

Marker a hundred iterations to find one that works great. That’s what we do here.



Develop a packaging system and create designs for the 3D space using concepts for a unique branding experience.

Brand Design

All designers

We'll walk you through the process of developing a brand identity and graphic system. You will take an existing brand/company/product and craft an objective for updating its overall look and feel. The output of the class is captured in a paginated book to formalize all components to the rebrand.

Designer Workshops

Designers and art directors!

Hands-on workshops for design obsessed folks. Learn how to screen print the hell out of a poster, letterpress a card for your mom, design your own event, and not the screw pooch on production.

Editorial Design


Students make book covers, tables of content, text design and pagination design for books and publications. Good book covers look good in your book!

UX - User Experience


Time to take back the web from the nerds! User experience is everyone’s job now. A review of the interactive ecosystem and the channels plus learning about site maps, use cases and personas.

Retail Systems

The graphic ones

Retail Systems are fully featured campaigns for retail stores and chains, including branding, logo, signage, store design, in-store graphics.


Design students

Boring statistics can’t look boring! Learn to translate and summarize complex information into cool and clever pictographs, charts, diagrams, tables, and symbols.

Digital Bootcamp

Everyone that needs help

They teach CPS students Adobe Creative Suite apps, Motion Graphics using Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and site design and development at 80% off regular price. Use it or lose it.

Marketing Your Book

Everyone who wants a job!

Samples are the best examples of your talent but there’s more to it than that. Resume, interview, emails, site, tweets, etc. are all a reflection of your get it-ness.

Personal Projects

All are welcome

Personal projects, passion projects, side projects (call them whatever you want) are portfolio pieces, for sure. This class will review your project and help bring it to life.

Digital Foundations


You will learn the digital process and dive into specific disciplines including, but not limited to mobile, email, and user experience. You will walk away from the class with an understanding of how digital functions at a modern agency, the role they play as creatives, and foundational tools.