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Student work is the sweet, custardy filling of our chocolate eclair of a website. Work as hard as these folks, and we guarantee you'll leave with samples as good as theirs.

The Criterion Collection Style Manual

Corporate Identity for Criterion

Sweet Earth Juice Packaging

Packaging system for Sweet Earth juices. student award winner

Cheez-it Packaging

Packaging system for Cheez-it. Dieline. com student winner

Malcolm Gladwell Book Series

Series of book covers for Malcolm Gladwell titles

Grreat Choice Dog Treats Packaging

Packaging concept for Grreat Choice dog treats. Featured on the

Leatherman Packaging

Packaging for the Leatherman pocket knife

Stover’s Farm Guide

Brochure for Stover's organic farm

Stomp Show Poster

Poster design for STOMP! percussive show

It’s Just Lunch Advertisement

Print ad for It's Just Lunch matchmaking service

Hecky’s Retail System

Hecky's BBQ packaging and retail system

Air & Water Show Event Poster

Poster for Chicago's Air & Water Show event

Kurt Vonegut Book Series

Book covers for Kurt Vonnegut novels

Carmex Packaging

Carmex lip balm packaging design

Heckler Movie Poster

Movie poster for the documentary "Heckler"

Just For Men Packaging

Just For Men hair color packaging design

Levi’s Advertising

Transit promotion for Levi's jeans.

Schweppes Packaging

Packaging for Schweppes beverages

Dippin’ Dots Packaging

Dippin' Dots packaging design. student award winner

Haven Oncology Care

Packaging system for Haven toiletries. Featured on the

Dr. Butler’s Ale

Packaging system for Dr. Butler's Root Beer and Ale. Featured on

Milk Bone Packaging

Milk Bone dog treats packaging. Featured on the

Wonderplay Sugar Free Candy

Packaging for Wonderplay sugar free candies. Featured on

Canidaeā€™s All Natural Dog Food

Packaging for Canidae dog food. Featured on the

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Packaging

Packaging design for Quaker Instant Oatmeal flavors

Clover Retail System

Clover knitting supplies packaging. student winner

Munchen Ramen Packaging

Packaging system for Ramen noodles brand. student winner

Home Depot System

Project-in-a-box promotion for Home Depot