The Chicago Portfolio School


Our school's a little different. But, so are you, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Try on a few eyeballs and check out Chicago Portfolio School.

See it through the eyes of:

Digital Design

Sure, we're a Portfolio School. But, really we're an Idea School. We believe that Concept is King and Content is King too.

David Angulo

David Angulo

Back End Developer

David is a very experienced PHP and MySQL developer. His resume is twenty-two pages long.

Gloria Antonelli

Gloria Antonelli

Web Design & Analytics

Gloria loves Dreamweaver, SEO and has a fantastic vegetable garden. Ask her about her cucumbers.

Paul McCann

Paul McCann

Web Developer

Teaches HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery. Owns 20 urls, all with some combo of words “beer” “ale” and “Chicago.”

Brian Hischier <>

Brian Hischier

Director, Digital Bootcamp

Teaches Adobe Print + Motion Graphics. Is a digital day Renaissance Man; writes, draws, and films

Mark Ward

Mark Ward

Designer, Mark Ward & Associates

Makes sure students don’t screw the pooch on pre-production. Has hiked more than 700 miles of the Appalachian Trail.