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You can start any quarter; Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall and you can apply anytime. We accept students on a rolling admissions basis so the earlier you apply, the better your chance of reserving a spot. So what are you waiting for?

After your application is reviewed, we’ll set up a time to chat. (We don’t like to call it an interview.) We’ll ask you some questions and you’ll ask us a few, too.

Some tips on submitting a great application: Get comfortable. Take your time. Relax! (There are no wrong answers, but there are lots of right ones.) Just be yourself and you’ll do great.

Application Fee - $100.00. You will be invoiced after submitting your application. 

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What was the last school you attended?
What program are you applying for?
Describe the project you’re most proud of where you had 100% control.
Choose a favorite brand or product; something you’ve spent your own money to buy and tell us why it was worth the price.
What was your best Halloween costume?
Two students are given an assignment with no due date: student A returns in 2 hours with a very good solution. Student B returns after two weeks with a great solution. Which one would you hire and why?

What’s your favorite curse word?
In memory of James Lipton, Inside The Actor’s Studio

Which group below most accurately describes your race?
This will greatly help us with The Pipeline Fund scholarship, as we can forward along to those who qualify. We are hopeful to be able to have a Pipeline Scholar this summer!
Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?